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Founded in 1883

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The foreword

"Admiral Vladimirsky" Kanonersky Ship Repairing Yard (KSRY) was founded in 1883. The shipyard has grown from a workshop for repair of dredging fleet into a large modern enterprise. Joint Stock Company Kanonersky Ship Repairing Yard is located on Kanonersky Island along the St.Petersburg port sea channel.

The Legendary Icebreaker "Ermak" Annually about 90 vessels are repaired at the Yard: dry-cargo ships, container carriers, tankers, passenger vessels, refrigerators, ice breakers, military ships, and vessels of special purpose. In 1998 the Yard participated in an international project "Sea Launch" alongside with "ing" - USA, "Energia" - Russia, "vaerner" - Norway, "Yuzhmash" - Ukraine. Kanonersky Ship Repairing Yard carried out the space rocket equipment installation on the flagship "Sea Launch Commander". Successful launch of the first rocket from the flagship in March, 1999 confirmed excellent quality of our work.

Since 1999 the Yard has carried out a large number of repairs and modernizations for icebreaking fleet of St. Petersburg Sea Port Maritime Administration. General modernizations with replacement of the main engines were carried out on icebreakers "Semyon Dezhnev" and "Ermak". JSC "SRY" routinely conducts repair of world-famous vessels such as: research expedition vessel "Akademik Fyodorov", scientific research vessel "Akademik Aleksandr Karpinsky", scientific research vessel "Professor Logachyov", training sailing vessel "Sedov", training sailing vessel "Mir".

Sailing Boat "Sedov"Kanonersky Ship Repairing Yard is managed by directors with advanced degrees and extensive experience in production and modern economic relations.

Project"AC-30"There are 3 floating docks at the Yard with lifting capacity of 4000 t, 8500 t and 35600 t. Berth length is 1350 m, with draft up to 10 m. We can perform and commence the repairs during vessel discharging in the port, even before vessel arrival to the Shipyard.

Qualification of the personnel and our modern technology provide high quality of work for the whole range of ship repairs - from blasting and painting of hulls to repair of power plants and restoration of cabin interiors. We have Forge and Foundry, Mechanical and Electrical workshops. We can machine the shafts up to 13 meters in length, form the shell plating by press with a 800t capacity, dynamically balance the rotors, and repair electric motors and generators up to 1500 kW.

Welcome to Kanonersky Ship Repairing Yard and to our beautiful city of Saint-Petersburg!

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